Install BEdita

From BEdita 3.2 comes with a new web based wizard installer

From version 3.2 BEdita comes with a new web based wizard installer

Follow the instructions below to start working with BEdita

  1. make sure your host meets BEdita requirements;
  2. download the package;
  3. unpack the package in a directory served by the web server. For instance (shell example):
    tar -xvpzf package.tar.gz /var/www/bedita
    (assuming that DocumentRoot is /var/www);
  4. point your web browser to the url relative at your bedita folder (the system will show you a web wizard installer); following the above example, url would be something like http://localhost/bedita
  5. follow these basci steps and configure BEdita
    • Filesystem: set/check permissions
    • Database: setup your BEdita database
    • Admin User: create admin user for BEdita

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