Technical overview and introduction to BEdita4

Developer resources

BEdita @ Github
PHP API documentation
Development Roadmap

BEdita 4 is a tool to handle the data of your mobile, IoT, web and desktop applications.

It’s a content management solution with:

  • a headless HTTP driven server application - the Back-end - exposing a REST API to model, create, modify and retrieve data
  • a progressive web application - the Manager (not yet available) - to control & manage your data

BEdita 4 is built with CakePHP 3 and uses relational DBMS like MySQLPostgres or SQLite in conjunction with (optional) NoSQL systems like RedisElastic Search or time series databases to boost performance and scale up to Big Data scenarios.

JSON API is the primary exchange data format.


The Back-end is the core of BEdita4: an HTTP REST service that exposes a set of API endpoints.

It’s not a standalone application service or daemon like a DBMS, but it’s an application deployed in a Web server like Apache or Nginx and accessible via standard HTTP ports.

It doesn’t offer an HTML interface, it doesn’t respond in HTML by default, but only in JSON: the only way to communicate with this service is through its JSON API REST endpoints. See API reference for an overview.

To install a back-end instance see Setup


BEdita is released under the LGPL license, visit Licensing for more information.