Give BEdita a try

Full online demonstration: backend, main frontend and staging frontend


  • email queuing is disabled: hence things like email notifications or newsletter invoices will not work;
  • this demo undergoes a full reset once a day, default initial settings and publications are automatically restored every night;
  • the server hosting this demonstration has limited resources, a crowded concurrent use of the site may cause delays in response time;
  • In BEdita every single root in contents tree establishes one "Publication"; the front-office web site presented here is available only for the very first publication in the back-office management console.

Try out a typical BEdita setup.

Browse the following links to play with:

Credentials to login are:

  • Username: bedita

  • Password: bedita

[values are case sensitive]

N.B.: The three sites listed here are all part of the same installation and related each other, i.e. every change applied to managed content in the backend will be immediately visible in frontends.
Also note that contents marked as Draft (in Object Properties) are only visibile in staging frontend: they are automatically hidden in main public site, hence you can use the Draft status for testing purposes.