BEdita 3.1.6 - Release announcement

BEdita 3.1.6 stable codename "ulmus" released

Because of some issues with Firefox 11 and TinyMCE 3.3 used in BEdita 3.1.5 we have upgraded TinyMCE to 3.4.9 and we announce today BEdita 3.1.6 stable*.

The issue was reported on the new BEdita support at!topic/bedita/MQ0M3jnODEc

We highly reccomend to upgrade BEdita to 3.1.6 version as soon as possible.

This is the sixth bugfix release for BEdita 3.1 “Ulmus”*.
Changes include:

  • upgrade to tinyMCE 3.4.9 due to issues with Firefox 11 and multinstance of tinyMCE
  • other minor bugfix

See changelog for all changes.

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(*) “ulmus” : [ pronounce /ˈəl-məs ] aka elm, a tall deciduous tree that typically has rough serrated leaves and propagates from root suckers, Genus Ulmus, family Ulmaceae.


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