BEdita 3.1.3 - Release announcement

BEdita 3.1.3 stable codename "ulmus" released


We proudly announce today BEdita 3.1.3 stable*.

This is the third bugfix release for BEdita 3.1 “Ulmus”*.
Fixes include:

  • in geotag tab, a new button simplifies geocoding, latitude and longitude will be automagically retrieved from a common address. You can also test it on google maps;
  • frontend apps gain GeoRSS (simple and atom) and KML support, respectively available with custom url addresses like /georss/section-nickname and /kml/section-nickname;
  • scripts tag are stripped from comments and objects when saving so to avoid xss attacks;
  • simple object cache array so to avoid duplication of object loads in frontend apps;
  • XML::toArray patch proposed and accepted by CakePHP team;
  • Soap and Postgres support was improved;
  • many minor improvements and bug fixes in BeFront helper;

See changelog for all changes.

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(*) “ulmus” : [ pronounce /ˈəl-məs ] aka elm, a tall deciduous tree that typically has rough serrated leaves and propagates from root suckers, Genus Ulmus, family Ulmaceae.


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