BEdita 3.3 Corylus Release announcement

BEdita 3.3 codename "corylus" released

We released today the new stable version of BEdita 3.3 corylus*.

This new 3.3 series fixes many bugs and introduces new features and improvements, mainly on the backend side.

Here's a brief list of the most notable changes:

  • a new tab named filters was introduced in every module objects list. This tab contains many common filters to easily find the objects you're looking for, like filters on structure tree (children or descendants), “categories”, full text and substring searches, languages. The selected filter is handled in user session: browsing modules, filter options maintain their status if set
  • the Admin module gains a settings page to configure semantic relations between objects. The relations also support properties that are exposed in 'Relation' tab, inside object detail view
  • object's permissions can be also set in user group view
  • in Multimedia Module it is now possible to mark interactive areas of an image, and relate it with other objects in BEdita. Every link is highly configurable in order to behave differently (this data are not yet available in specific frontend methods, developers are required to build their own)
  • a new permssion was introduced to mark backend objects as private
  • added open graph meta tags generation in frontend

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All changes in the changelog.
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(*) “corylus” is a genus of deciduous trees and large shrubs native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere.



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