main BEdita 3 features

What makes BEdita an advanced and original system among other content management software:

  • advanced backend Web application to handle contents and their semantic relations; elegant user interface with an innovative design; advanced use of techniques like ajax and drag'n'drop
  • complete frontend API to create your frontend applications; in BEdita frontend and backend are different applications (for security reasons, efficiency, scalability and design freedom)
  • complete internazionalization: contents and user interface elements in every languate (all ISO-8893-3 languages supported) - specific advanced translation module
  • object oriented design: every type of content in BEdita is an object that can be tagged, categorized, translated, commented, geololcalized....  not only documents, but also images, videos, events, news, vcards, galleries, custom types....
  • modular design: specific software modules for different tasks and content types (multimedia, events, news, administration, publishing, addressbook, newsletter,...)
  •  ability to create free semantic relations between contents
  • internal authentication system, or external/pluggable like LDAP or OpenID
  • integrated newsletter (dedicated module)
  • editorial statistics, integration with statistics systems like Google analytics, Piwik or with web server logs data (apache logs)
  • access granularity: dynamic definition of groups that can access each software module in read-only or read-write
  • native XML/REST interface for published objects
  • every object can be identified with a unique alphanumeric name, called nickname, that can be used in frontend URLs or applications to reference it; a semantic ID equivalent