BEdita 3 RC released

available for download BEdita3 Release Candidate, get it now!

After the second public beta of BEdita 3 a release candidata (RC) package is now available for donwload.

Get it here now!

Many fixes and enhancements in this release. Here the main changes:

  • introduced editor notes (save/delete ajax)
  • ajax online help available
  • various fixes for IE7& IE8 (layout, flash upload problem)
  • staging sites have authentication
  • newsletter: subscribe/unsubscribe from frontend
  • frontend: 2 new frontends:,
  • multimedia: new model Application
  • email notification, new comments, new notes, changes on users' contents
  • new schema for object_users, free relations between users and objects
  • sw update: cakePHP, Smarty 2.6.26, TinyMCE 3.2.6
  • new Print layout for contents

As usual here you will find a more detailed changelog.