BEdita 4.4.0 Cactus Release announcement

BEdita 4.4.0  codename "cactus" released

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of BEdita 4.4.0 cactus*.

This is the fourth major stable release of BEdita 4.

BEdita 4 is a ready to use back-end API to handle the data of your mobile, IoT, web and desktop applications.

It provides also an extensible framework to build your custom back-end API via plugins.

BEdita 4 provides a complete content management solution with:

  • a headless server application with a native API to model, create, modify and retrieve your data
  • a default admin web application called Manager

Here the main changes on this beta release, see also the complete changelog.

API changes

  • Add /model/tags route
  • Allow uname in relationship management
  • Fix ?include check
  • Fix /home authorization check on object types endpoints
  • Fix status handling on status level check
  • Introduce min/max sort on DateRanges
  • Include relations count number via ?count query string
  • Add associations and relations metadata to JSON Schema

Core changes

  • Add endpoints permissions cache
  • Activate routes cache
  • Enale tags creation in  CategoriesBehavior
  • Add index on `created` and `modified` columns of `async_jobs`
  • External Auth Signup: add verified timestamp and remove reference on `anonymize`
  • Expose available custom properties getting related object
  • Enable categories in migrations
  • Display only "available" children and parents
  • Restore original inherited table alias after cascading to parent finder
  • Allow empty `label/inverse_label` in relations
  • Cache database config and applications
  • Dispatch events when adding, removing, or replacing associations
  • Introduce layered cache
  • Add virtual property object_type_name to Endpoint Entity
  • Avoid to use real properties as virtual properties
  • Fix search behavior, allow `_` and `-` in search

Integration changes

  • Update to Composer 2
  • Drop PHP 7.1 support
  • Better isolation within test cases
  • Fix publish components action
  • Remove Travis CI
  • Move to GitHub Actions
  • Upgrade to CakePHP 3.9

(*) “cactus” is a member of the plant family Cactaceae, a family comprising about 127 genera. The word "cactus" derives from the Ancient Greek κάκτος, kaktos, a name originally used for a spiny plant whose identity is not certain. (from Wikipedia)