BEdita 3.5.0 Corylus Release announcement

BEdita 3.5.0 codename "corylus" released

We released today the new stable version of BEdita 3.5.0 corylus*.

The 3.5 series replaces the 3.4, solving some security issues. All users are encouraged to upgrade to this last stable version.

Here's a brief list of main changes:

  • improved backend/frontend performance on large database data
    • backend/frontend: SQL optimizations listing objects (#529)
    • frontend: introduced a cache of BEdita objects activable via configuration (#530, #531)
  • added a shell script to create new frontends using reference as boilerplate, bootstrap, responsive, web-starter-kit
  • adding "poster" relation to handle thumbnails/previews/cover of BEdita objects #492
  • from configuration it is possible to set a custom view for object relations in backend (#539)
  • added TIFF and other image formats support (#508)
  • enhance errors log splitting info on more files
  • restore the ability to add new related object by URL (#548)
  • many UI and UX improvements

Check out BEdita on Github for more informations.
All changes in the changelog.

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(*) “corylus” is a genus of deciduous trees and large shrubs native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere.