BEdita 3.1 beta release announcement

Announcing the public release of 3.1 beta codename "ulmus"

July 09, 2010 – Bologna (Italy)

BEdita 3.1 beta publicly available

One step more towards BEdita 3.1 “ulmus” (*)!
ChannelWeb Srl and Chia Lab Srl today announce the general public availability of BEdita 3.1 beta.

In general BEdita 3.1 introduces many new features, like content versioning, concurrent editing, autosave and more.

BEdita modules may now exist as CakePHP plugins, that are managed in the Admin module. A "sample plugin module" is bundled in downloadable package: once installed go to the Admin module to (de)activate it.

About this beta release:

  • alerts on change of unsaved content;
  • more bulk operations on object lists like copy/move to categories or sections;
  • new custom properties on "users";
  • configurable password validation rule via regular expressions;
  • introduces support for RDBMS other than MySQL (SQLite and PostgreSQL);
  • changes were made to database schema in order to avoid special words and keywords;
  • it fixes known bugs.

Don't miss the changelog, it summons up details: changes, new features and bug fixes.

(*) “ulmus” : aka elm, tree of the Ulmaceae family