BEdita 3.0.1 update release announcement

Announce the public release of 3.0.1 update

January 12, 2010 – Bologna (Italy)

BEdita 3.0.1 update publicly available

ChannelWeb Srl and Chia Lab Srl today announce the public general availability of the very first update of BEdita 3, code name “betula” (*), to version 3.0.1.

This update is recommended for all BEdita users, since it contains some new features and a number of bug fixes: look at the changelog for a complete listing of changes.

BEdita 3 ( – the development framework for web applications with a full featured CMS out of the box – is released under the open-source license Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPL3).

To install or update to the latest version, please visit the official web site or one of the project pages reported below.


Notes about Bedita 3.

The project was started and is currently developed by ChannelWeb srl ( and Chia lab srl (, two Italian companies based in Bologna.

BEdita 3 is the ideal platform for Web 2.0, since it supports all typical paradigms of the second generation of web development & design: de-centralization and interoperability, user-centered design, crowd-sourcing, dynamic contents, Software as a Service (SAAS), Rich Internet Application e Rich User Experience. Furthermore it may be used as an advanced Web Marketing tool as well. And finally, thanks to the scalable architecture and the object oriented design, BEdita is ready to evolve and follow technologies towards new schemes and scenarios, like the ones often described as “Semantic” or “Ontological” Web.

The backend User Interface has been developed in accordance with well-established rules in usability and ergonomics, but – as much important – it is also practical and enjoyable.

BEdita 3 is released as Free/Open Source software: visit the official web site where you can download the latest stable version or give the online demo a try.

Furthermore, if your project cannot undergo this licensing model, ChannelWeb and Chia Lab offer an alternative commercial license, through which regulate software usage and the relationship with companies owning the copyright: contact us for more informations.

A number of online resources are available, both in Italian and English languages:



Christiano Presutti
ChannelWeb srl
general Manager

(*) “betula” : [ pronounce /'bεtula/ bé-tu-la ] aka birch, tree of the Betulaceae family