BEdita | Semantic Content Management Framework
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BEdita is a web development framework that comes with a full featured CMS out of the box.
Soon after installation, BEdita provides:

  1. a CMS, a powerful back end web application to create and manage content with semantic relations
  2. a front end API, through which query the system and build front office services without limitations

The back end CMS and the front end site actually define two distinct applications. This separation fulfills both security requirements and the need of scalability in front office application development.

Multisite by default

Moreover the same installation (instance) of BEdita, so the same CMS, may handle many front end applications. The very same documents –translated, (geo)tagged, categorized – may provide content for different web sites, without useless duplications and in accordance with appropriate access and management policies.

Third party software

BEdita combines several third party libraries, in our opinion the most effective ones in each respective field:

Developer resources

BEdita @ Github
Documentation site
BEdita Google Group
API documentation
BEdita @ Ohloh


BEdita is released under the LGPL license, visit Licensing for more information.